Artist Statement

Anne with artworkMy current body of Artwork is centred on a play between geographical mapped spaces and our digital revolution.

Central to my on-going works is this fragility and fractures in our society where we are creating many walls and boundaries. We are unconsciously living in our own hubs. A new normality.  We are drifting.

These notions of disconnection and fragmentation are represented in my paper installations where I am incising and burning into the surfaces of paper.  As I am working on this theme my ideas are developing and I am abstracting these patterns of our lives onto various surfaces. A lace like quality is emerging which is contrasted by punctured burnt areas which are co-existing with drawn mapped marks.

10389079_484101098452764_3363850696940600773_nThese are uncharted times and I am employing a contemporary slant to an ancient technique “Encaustic” in my new works.  Using delicate lines and mark making coupled with the pigmented wax heated on a palette I am fusing the beeswax with my drawings and paintings. This practice enables me to represent both the disconnection the isolation and the negative. Conversely the medium is also emerging with colour and beauty as I envisage our land and sea from above.  I am creating a series of works that will compliment and contrast my thoughts on a war between connection and fracture.

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