Artist Statement


My work emerges from a sense of place, disengagement, boundaries, the changing of our connections, and how we are now.

SculptureThese notions of disconnection and fragmentation are represented in my paper installations, paintings and monotype prints.  To extend my vision in my work I include archival images of mapped spaces which lend abstraction and distortion to my themes. My use of Encaustic medium, graphite and mixed media are natural, versatile  and create the surfaces I desire to unveil my sense of a new “otherness” of how we interact now.

I examine these unchartered times of our new way of communicating. There is  a new capacity  of being apart.  I want to represent both the disconnection the isolation and the negative.   I am creating a series of works that will compliment and contrast my thoughts on a war between connection and fracture. I work with themes of boundary, disconnection where I express my narrative in pared back installations and vibrant paintings. My work is a study from my sense of “otherness” to stimulate the viewer to engage with the our new cultural landscape.

As author Edward Said wrote:

Ideas, cultures, and histories cannot seriously be understood or studies without their force, or more precisely their configurations of power, also being studied.”

Edward W. Said (2014) “Orientalism”

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