Fragmented Earth, A Trilogy


Fragmented Earth, A Trilogy, is a collaboration between Anne Curran, a visual artist and Andrea Kavanagh, a sculptural ceramic artist for the ArtnetDLR Metamorphosis exhibition currently on show in Walters, George’s Street Upper, Dun Laoghaire.

The three pieces were created to reflect our vulnerability in our world. We sought to create a tension with the juxtaposition of the artworks, where one hangs (Porcelain sculpture) one is burnt (on kitikata paper) and one is a solid artwork (encaustic painting.)  

This delicate trilogy of works came from our individual processes and mediums.We both use organic materials, Anne with Encaustic paint (molten pigmented beeswax) and Asian papers, and Andrea with the firing of Porcelain flax paper clay.  This Metamorphosis of our world where there are holes, there are small solid pieces hanging, by a thread, there is fragility in its solidity. Our Trilogy. Fragmented Earth, A Trilogy was a slow process in the making, started before Covid was unleashed on our world and now showing just as Covid is coming to an end. We both very much enjoyed its creation. 

“Fragmented Earth, A Trilogy”


  1. Burnt drawing 40cms in diameter on kitakata paper encased in perspex 80cms x 80cms – Anne Curran – Anne Curran Website link 


  1. Porcelain ceramic hanging sculpture 50cms x 80cms, Acrylic disc with 133 lines of individual porcelain pieces €1,500.  Andrea Kavanagh

Andreaceramics website link 



  1. Encaustic painting with collage 25cms x 25cms. Anne Curran

Anne Curran website – Anne Curran Website link  

See Link to ArtnetDLR Press information for Metamorphosis exhibition –

Andrea Kavanagh website –

Andrea Kavanagh Instagram – Andrea Kavanagh Insta link

Anne Curran Instagram – Anne Curran Insta Link 

Anne Curran Website –

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